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Here at Anitoonze, we build all kinds of animations, for your website, ad commercials, infomercials, and presentations, etc. If you would like us to create a bespoke animation video just for you or your business, or you would like an idea of how much it would cost (which may be a lot less than you would imagine) then please contact us from our form here – which will only take you a few seconds, and allow us to tailor a price to your exacting needs. 


It is without doubt, that the most effective way to engage your clients, potential buyers and students – is through the full use of combined video and audio. This is proven time and time again, through the effectiveness of such media on the internet, television, and at the cinema.

In the past, a high quality presentation or sales video, was beyond the financial reach of many – but not anymore!

Through Anitoonze, you can commission high-quality 4K videos with audio – in a multitude of hypnotically engaging animated formats – such as with animated cartoon scenes and characters, sketched animation (including white board, blackboard, and more), and 3D animated ‘talking heads’. We can also provide a combination of techniques, which can also include your own elements such as logos, photo’s and videos – all professionally edited – complete with mixed audio tracks incorporating music and a selection of voice-overs.

Our videos can generate more interest – and get you more sales – making them VERY cost-effective.


Depending upon your specific requirements, we can usually complete your Anitoonze video, within just a few days. We can also cater for urgent work, with a fast turnaround – upon request. And if you are not completely sure about the type of content for your video – then just answer a few of our carefully selected questions regarding what you are looking for, and we can provide you with some no obligation suggestions, and even demonstrations.

Using Anitoonze to masterfully create your video’s, will demonstrate to your audience – your strive for quality and proof of credibility. And when it comes to trying to get the right message across, be it for training or sales – our Anitoonze videos win hands-down, every time!

Made with love – in the East Riding of Yorkshire, within the UK – for clients all over the world.
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